Our story

The name of the Hotel and Pousada Oosterhuis was chosen in honor of the parents and grandparents of the Strijker family, Johanna and Albert Strijker, who in February of 1953 migrated to Brazil, accompanied by their 7 children and the other members of the third group of Dutch immigrants landed in this parents.

Along with the other immigrants came to colonize the Brazilian lands and helped to form a community where they developed and had beautiful fruits.

The name Oosterhuis was the name of the village in Holland from where Albert and Johanna Strijker left to immigrate to Brazil.

They lived a good part of their lives in the farm Juliana and later they decided to live in the center of the Castrolanda Colony where they gave the name of the house of Oosterhuis in homage to the village of origin.

Currently Johannes and Emilia Strijker (son and daughter-in-law) of Albert and Johanna Strijker and their six children Albert, Bertha, Johanna, Willemien, Willem and Hendrik decided to transform the Oosterhuis house into a Family-run Inn, thus seeking to keep the STRIJKER family history alive.

Come to know our history, tradition, and feel in a corner of Holland in Brazil.